Two movies are coming out this week of special interest to Catholics. “The Two Popes” on Netflix is about the relationship between Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. I don’t know. Something about it. When the trailer starts off with “inspired by a true story” I get a little worried out especially when it’s about real people, especially popes. Inspired by? That means “Yeah, we’re just making stuff up here.” I’ll be the judge of how inspired I think it is. Actually, I probably won’t.

Another movie comes out this week, this one is movie theaters. Terrence Malick’s “A Hidden Life” comes out. I’m a fan. I’m excited for this one. It seems a little more grounded than some of his recent films which I found a tad inscrutable.

The movie centers on Austrian farmer and conscientious objector Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to fight for the Nazis in World War II due to his religious beliefs. He was executed for treason in 1943 and beatified in 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI.
Much of the film is based on the letters that Jagerstatter and his wife exchanged while he was in prison. I’m looking forward to that.