South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem vetoed the gender legislation that would protect girls and women’s sports. She said she did it to protect women’s sports because the legislation was error ridden and the state would’ve lost in court.

Here’s why I don’t believe Kristi Noem. She says she’s been laser focused on this issue for years and is an expert. She pointed to her battle with the woke USDA attempting to allow trans cowboys (yup, I guess that’s a thing) from riding as cowgirls.

So, her expertise is how she knows that this legislation passed by the legislature is no good and we just have to take her word for it. So, if that’s true, why didn’t she guide the legislation? And why did she vow to sign legislation a month before?

She saw the legislation getting created. She didn’t think to get involved before it was passed? Maybe she warned the legislators behind closed doors? Well, then why didn’t she go public?

She’s inconsistent here. And conservatives have seen what inconsistent leaders have done for us.