This is a disaster.

And this was during a quarantine year. What the heck were the rest of you doing. Guys, Netflix and chill is not supposed to be about Netflix. I thought y’all knew that.

U.S. women had 3.61 million babies in 2020, down 4% from 2019; fewest since 1979. And now the number of babies a woman will have over her lifetime fell to 1.64. That means every couple now has 1.64 children.

I can’t help but think our turning away from our Christian faith as a country leads to this. We no longer have faith in God, faith in our country, faith in ourselves.

This is also a socioeconomic tragedy in that we keep borrowing from the next generation and then refuse to have a next generation. This is how we lead to bankruptcy.

The only thing that can save this country is returning to Christ.