When Christianity is tossed aside. When we play this game of cultural Jenga to its inevitable conclusion we will find ourselves alone in a materialist universe.

When there is just material in a godless universe then it’s just people grabbing to get as much for themselves as they can. How does one do that?

We join gangs. We team up. We maximize our advantage.

But by joining, we exclude. There are those who are in. And those who are out. Those who are out are “the other.” Anything can be done to them because they’re out. They’re not in.

Dan Gelernter wrote a piece at American Greatness:

Almost half of Democratic voters—48 percent—think the government should be able to fine or imprison individuals “who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications.”

This is not the most astonishing finding of a poll just released by Rasmussen. Let’s go through the relevant points: Nearly the same percentage of Democratic voters—47 percent—think the government should be able to put a tracking system, like an ankle monitor or a locked collar, on people who refuse the vaccine. And 45 percent favor putting the unvaccinated in camps. Camps.

More than half of Democratic voters—55 percent—think people who refuse the vaccine should be fined. Fifty-nine percent favor confining all unvaccinated people to their homes. More than a quarter of Democratic voters—29 percent—think that the government should be able to confiscate the children of unvaccinated parents . . .

The othering has begun. It is advanced. Spread.

The easiest way to gang up is according to certain obvious differences. Race? Money? Education? Geography? Red vs. blue? Vaxxed vs. unvaxxed? Non-believers vs. believers.

There is no us. There is no them. It’s just people seeking to divide in order get their share. And perhaps some of yours too.

We are called to love our enemies. We are called to love everyone. That’s not to say, as some might argue, that we shouldn’t oppose anyone for anything. Evil must be resisted.

This “othering” that’s going on is un-Christian. It is anti-Christian. It will grow and fester the more we reject Christianity.

These gangs are based on survival. And what do they believe is the greatest threat to them? Christianity. So attacking Christianity will be their focus. It is a good thing for them that at this point in history, Christianity has so few defenders.

Update: Think about this. When the left goes after a group, it’s typically the Christian conservative. When they talk about the unvaccinated, they don’t talk about the fact that many African-Americans didn’t get the shot. No. Because it’s not about the shot. It’s about othering the Christian conservatives.

When they talk politics, it’s not about taxes, it’s about abortion. It’s about gender. They know who their enemy is. In any struggle that is a great advantage. Most Christians don’t even know there’s a fight.