A few months? A bit more? But it must eventually be if the left continues to have their way. That is their end goal, the eradication of Christianity.

Human Events reported that “Ireland is set to become the latest country to pass “hate speech” legislation, making it a crime to ‘possess material that is likely to incite violence or hatred against a person or group’ and a violation of the act can carry a prison sentence of up to five years.”

So, it doesn’t need to incite violence, it needs to be viewed by some of “likely” to lead to hatred or violence. Well, who gets to discern what is “likely” to cause hatred and violence?

Perhaps special boards like human rights commissions which will view anything and everything as inciting hate.

And get this, it gets better. The burden of proof is on the accused to prove their intent was not to spread “hate.” So now they don’t have to prove that you attempted to incite violence, YOU have to prove that you didn’t intend violence.

In this day where words are violence and silence is violence how on earth can you convince anyone that you don’t intend hatred or violence? They can’t even define violence but they’re going to charge you with it.

How long until the Bible is considered violence? The clock is ticking…but not for long.