Christians need not apply. How many other positions will the secular left make it impossible for a faithful Christian to have? We have persecuted and prosecuted bakers, catering hall owners, florists, and now teachers too.

Hmmmm…the list does seem to be growing, eh?

This is over in England but this is exactly the same going on here in the US. Exactly the same.

Soon, you will not be able to teach unless you agree to the current madness. You must disavow Christ in order to take a position dealing with the public.

Zero Hedge: A primary school teacher sacked after refusing to use an eight-year-old child’s trans pronouns has said her only intention was to safeguard the pupil.

The teacher from England, who can’t be named to protect the child’s identity, told The Epoch Times she had raised concerns about the potential damage social transition could have on the young pupil.

The woman—who is now taking legal action against Nottinghamshire County Council over her dismissal—claimed she was stonewalled by school chiefs after raising concerns over the welfare of the eight-year-old.

She was dismissed last year after raising a number of concerns regarding the facilitation of a new school pupil into her class who wanted to be treated as a boy.

The child—with the support of both parents—requested to be called a different name and required that staff use pronouns aligned to the child’s new gender identity.

School employees, including the pupil’s new teacher, were instructed to follow the family’s wishes, which included allowing the child to use of the boys’ toilets and dressing rooms.

After raising issues with the principal—which the teacher felt went against her Christian beliefs—the child was removed from her class.

However, discussions continued with school bosses on how she would address the child if they came into contact within the school setting.

The teacher suggested using a “gender neutral type of nickname,” but was told that she could only use the name and pronouns requested by the child.

After refusing, she was suspended for failing to comply with what she was told was a “reasonable management request.”

She said: “At that point, I did get in touch with the legal people and started asking, what’s the law say about this?”

“Because from my point of view, I felt that they are forcing me to live contrary to my conscience, and they’re forcing me to go along with something that I think is actually harmful.