He is on a roll. Would that other bishops would have the courage of their convictions (if they have any convictions) the way that Archbishop Burke has. The Archbishop rescinded an offer to Sen. Claire McCaskill to speak at her daughter’s Catholic High School commencement because of her publicly held views on abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Huzzah!

According to the News Leader:

But the offer was rescinded last week. The senator was told by the school that the decision came from St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, Marsh said.
Marsh said the senator, a Catholic, understands that her positions supporting abortion rights and stem cell research are different than those held by the church, but she’s made peace with them.

I am so glad that she has made peace with her anti life views, so let’ all just give each other a hug. It seems that they just can’t understand when Bishops get all ‘Catholic’ and stuff.

I hope the the rest of the members of the USCCB take note of the the tremendous leadership and witness being provided by Archbishop Raymond Burke and follow his lead.