Rorate Caeli is reporting that Bishop Fellay of the SSPX thinks we have a while to wait on the Motu Proprio:

The Motu Proprio “is a strong wish of Benedict XVI, and it is probable that the text will at last arrive”. When? “In May”, possibly, but “most probably at the end of the year, or even later”.

This would be terribly disappointing. However, I wouldn’t give up hope for an earlier showing just yet. There have been several other indicators that something has been cooking. It is entirely possible that Bishop Fellay is just trying to lower expectations (his own included). We should keep at the forefront of our minds who his audience is. Also, I can’t help but wonder if Bishop Fellay really knows any more than we do. Then again, we have many times thought that it would be released soon.

Either way, the general consensus from left, right, and center is that it will come eventually. What is to be gained by waiting? Only God and the Pope know.