Some comments from Msgr. Michael Schmitz, Provincial Superior of Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in America, were used to throw so much cold water on any hope of an imminent release of our fabled Motu Proprio.

Some have contended that these comments were taken out of context and were meant in a light hearted and humorous manner.

You can find out today as Msgr. Schmitz will be interviewed at 6PM EDT on Catholic Answers Live. I will be listening on my Sirius Radio.

Update: Msgr Schmitz stated during the interview that while he will not play prophet, the MP is expected ‘soon’. He is waiting and expecting just like the rest of us.

As for all the negative Motu vibes over the last days, I am taking it all in stride. We know from Cardinal Bertone that it exists. On this point there can be little doubt.

As for the When, well Alice von Hildebrand has been quoted (reliably I think) that the Pope indicated May. Well 27 days and counting folks. Tomorrow might have been a logical date to speculate about, but alas it is merely speculation. I remain hopeful that we will indeed see it in May.

If not, I can always delete this post and claim that I knew all along that it wouldn’t be in May. But June is a certainty!