I’m sitting here in front of the television waiting for all the liberals who cried that nobody had any right to question sexual relations between the President and an intern in the Oval office to protest Mike Wallace’s odd questioning of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

CBS News is reporting that on 60 Minutes this week Wallace asked Romney and his wife, Ann, whether they broke the strict church rule against premarital sex.

I guess there’s nothing else going on in the world of importance that you’d want to ask a presidential contender like a war or something.

I’m sure all the liberals will also riot in the streets over this completely inappropriate question any time now just like they did over Clinton. I’ve been waiting for a while, watching all the news shows…nothing.

Well, at least I’m sure the Democrats will all be asked the same question at the next debate.

So I’m going to sit here watching CNN waiting for the outrage. Maybe I should order dinner soon.

Romney, sadly, didn’t deal with the question well. Romney reportedly said, “No, I’m sorry, we do not get into those things,” but still managed to blurt out “The answer is no,” before ending that line of questioning. That’s sad. Romney should have stood up for himself. If he can’t deal with an old dinosaur like Wallace how will he deal with Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Il.