An after-school program for middle school students in New Hampshire were taken to visit a Planned Parenthood clinic.

How fun?

Of course they were taken without parental notification or permission. (Hey, you don’t even need parental notification to get an abortion, so this isn’t too bad.) New Hampshire Right to Life, an abortion opponent, is now asking for equal time with the seventh and eighth grade students, as well. They will of course be denied.

The visit was part of the YMCA’s STAY program, for students considered at risk of dropping out of school, abusing drugs or getting into trouble with the law. The trip, a week ago, was part of a tour of several social service agencies in the city, to show the students where they could go for support and recreation during the summer.

I always go to Planned Parenthood clinics for recreation during my summer. Next year I think the school is planning on taking the kids to a brothel.