A prominent Polish cleric says he plans to launch a new perfume line.

Wasn’t it nice when the scent of the church was incense? Come to think of it I really do like the smell of incense. I’m not sure I’d like my wife smelling like it but it would be cool as an air freshener. Walk into the house to the smell of incense, maybe a gregorian chant cd playing while my wife tells me to get off the computer. Ahh heaven.

Getting back to the good priest, Father Henryk Jankowski made his chops while taking part in strikes which led to the end of communism in 1989 as part of the Solidarity movement. Setting out his plans, Fr Jankowski told the daily Dziennik newspaper that his initiative would “do everyone good”.

“I am for it as long as it serves a good purpose,” he said. “If necessary I will also sing and dance.”

I would just love to see this guy’s mass. If you ask me (which nobody ever does) this is the end result of Vatican II. Once the priest turned around towards the people, it led to the inevitable conclusion that this was all about them. I don’t think Vatican II foresaw perfume lines, however. To be honest, I don’t think anyone foresaw this one.

Fr Jankowski already has a wine branded with his image under the name “Monsignore” and also plans to start a clothing line (I hear collars are in nowadays) and open up cafes branded with his image. (I’ll take a Vente Summorum Pontificum!) The priest said all the proceeds would go to his charity of choice. No, not the Catholic Church. Don’t be silly. The money’s going to his own private charity.

Message to Father Trump: Good thing pride isn’t a sin, huh?