LA Weekly wrote a story this week on how a group of animal rights activists placed an explosive under a doctor’s car because he’s done research work with cats and rhesus monkeys at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA.

The doctor noticed a device underneath his luxury sedan and immediately called the bomb squad which hauled away a makeshift — but deadly — explosive. A faulty fuse was the only reason it didn’t go off.

If there’s any question where the sentiments of the paper lie here’s the start of the story:

THE HOME OF DR. ARTHUR ROSENBAUM isn’t hard to find. He lives a few blocks south of Sunset Boulevard, near the UCLA campus, in a white two-story house with a front yard jammed with aspen trees. There is a short driveway on the side of the home, and during the evening, a bright, white light illuminates the carport. If someone wants to sabotage the doctor’s car under the cover of night, a flashlight isn’t needed.

These creeps are essentially giving directions to this doctor’s house. Could you imagine a newspaper giving directions to an abortionist’s home?

Now I understand why they feel the need to point out his exact address because last year these dopes left a Molotov cocktail on the doorstep of an elderly woman who lived a few blocks away from an animal researcher. Somehow, they also screwed up the Molotov cocktail and it too failed to go off. (How do you screw up a Molotov cocktail?)

The Animal Liberation Brigade sent a typo-riddled “communiqué” targeting the Rosenbaums’s to the North American Animal Liberation Press Office in Los Angeles. It was posted on the NAALPO Web site:

“He and his wife… are the target of rebellion for the vile and evil things he does to primates at UCLA. We have seen by our own eyes the torture on fully conscious primates in his lab. We have heard their whimpers and screeches of pain. Seeing this drove one of us to rush out and vomit. We have seen hell and its in Rosenbaums lab.

“Rosenbaum, you need to watch your back because next time you are in the operating room or walking to your office you just might be facing injections into your eyes like the primates, you sick twisted F$#^. Demonstrators need to realize that just demonstrating won’t stop this kind of evil.

Of course, the Ordinary Ministers of the Media have all but ignored this epidemic of intended violence.