The Ten is a new movie that sinks to the depths of religious intolerance not seen in…days. The movie which is getting downright awful reviews, brings us ten excruciating skits based on the ten commandments.

For instance, Commandment yarn No. 2 (taking the Lord’s name in vain) follows a meek but gorgeous librarian on her journey to Mexico, where she loses her virginity during a passionate tryst with a bearded native who turns out to be Jesus. The movie is playing at select theaters. Don’t think I’ll see it.

I am intrigued by the major media’s thought that it’s ok to make fun of Christians (and Judaism) in the case of this stupid movie.

But also look at Christianne Amanpour’s special on “God’s Warriors” which creates an equivalence between Muslim terrorists and youg Christian teens who pray for homosexuals. At one point a young girl at a Christian music concert is getting very emotional and walking by Amanpour. Amanpour suggests the girl acts like she’s in “a trance.” There seemed nothing “trance-like” to me about the young girl’s behavior.

In noting how girls at some Christian events are encouraged to wear long dresses, Amanpour asks the group’s leader how it is different from the Taliban. Oh I don’t know…maybe stonings and suicide bombings.

This brings me to the sad conclusion that to be faithful is to be a punchline for the mainstream media. This is sadly not news anymore.