Can you believe that the only thing standing between gay marriage and California is Arnold Schwarzenegger? Scary, huh? Actually they’re not calling it a gay marriage bill. Ready for the new nomenclature? It’s a gender-neutral marriage bill. But it still does the same thing.

California legislators once again sent Gov. Schwarzenegger a bill legalizing same-sex marriage this week.

The California Senate approved the bill on a 22-15 party-line vote, with Democrats in the majority. The legislature’s lower chamber had already approved the bill that would modify the California Family Code to define marriage as a civil contract between two people, regardless of gender.

Schwarzenegger,a Catholic, has shown he doesn’t have the moral fortitude to stand up for his beliefs so he is pointing to polls. Schwarzenegger nixed the earlier bill, citing a 2000 voter initiative that defined marriage in exclusively heterosexual terms. That measure, known as Proposition 22, passed by a margin of 61-39 percent. Schwarzenegger and other conservatives have argued that only voters should be empowered to overturn an initiative, not legislators.

When politicians don’t have core beliefs they point to polls. There is no right or wrong to these folks. There is only approval or disapproval. Here’s to hoping Arnold will eventually stand up.