Can we please stop pretending now that Georgetown is a catholic institution.

From Lifesite: The president of prestigious Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic university in the United States, has promised homosexual activists that the school will fully fund a center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and “questioning” (LGBTQ) students by next fall. The pro-homosexual nature of the center is rejection of what is considered serious Catholic moral teaching.

University President John DeGioia, said “How do we respond to legitimate requests for a more supportive environment? We can continue to do this in a somewhat informal manner … or we can move forward in a more organized way, through more formal and institutional structures and processes. In this case, it is time for the latter.”

Supportive sounds so nice, but it is a lie. Can we please remember what we are supporting, sin. Are requests for support of a sinful lifestyle legitimate? As Catholics we are always called to love and respect the sinner but to also un-categorically reject the sin. When we attempt to legitimize the sin, we do neither. This action says, we do not care about your souls.

This action by the president of the university is profoundly un-catholic and unchristian.