The Jesuit-run magazine America is asking if you can find the Latin Mass.

A few weeks ago, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, said that he saw a certain obstinance (my word, not his) in response to Pope Benedict’s “motu proprio,” relaxing restrictions on the Latin Mass, called “Summorum Pontificum.”

Here’s what Archbishop Ranjith said in an interview:

“You know that there have been, by some dioceses, even interpretative documents which inexplainably intend to limit the Pope’s motu proprio. These actions mask behind them, on one hand, prejudices of an ideological kind and, on the other, pride, one of the gravest sins. I repeat: I invite all to obey the Pope.” (Catholic News Agency)

Which makes me wonder: Five months after “Summorum Pontificum” was promulgated, how many American parishes have chosen to introduce a Latin Mass? What is your experience?

Let them know how your parish is doing. Click here. I didn’t realize any Jesuits had heard of Summorum Pontificum so this is good news.