A musical based on ‘The Exorcist’ ought to turn some heads. Get it?

Adapted from the 1973 movie, a Seattle actor’s group is putting on a cheesy musical version of the acclaimed horror movie, according to SeattlePi.com.

“Bad Actor Productions” is the self deprecating name of the performance group which will be performing in bars and dinner theaters.

Past “Bad Actor” productions include “Girls Just Want To Have Fun: The Movie (a live version!),” “Desperate Liaisons” (“Les Liaisons Dangereuses” set on a gay cruise ship) and “Super Females” (drag queens save Capitol Hill from condo kings).

Hey, you know what? As bad as I’m sure it is I bet it’s still much much better than “Exorcist 2: The Heretic.”

“And you have a happy ending,” says the show’s producer. “A musical has to have a happy ending.”