Outlined against a blue-gray February sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they are known as famine, pestilence, destruction and death. These are only aliases. Their real names are: Clinton, Clinton, Williams, and Ferraro.

And so it begins. Scorched earth. With much of the media fanfare over the rise of Barack Obama as savior, a critical point is sometimes overlooked. While Hillary undoubtedly cannot catch Obama in elected delegates, due to the democrat party apportionment system, Obama cannot win the nomination on elected delegates alone. He just can’t get there on his own. That means that super-delegates will decide the democrat nominee.

This leaves open two possibilities for deciding the nomination. Either candidate drops out for the sake of the party or they fight it out at the convention. It is unimaginable that Obama would drop out since he is the front runner and has actually garnered more votes and delegates from the party faithful than Clinton. So that leaves Clinton. What will she do? Does she have it in her to drop out and kill her dream for the sake of the party when there still exists the possibility of securing the nomination? Or does she implement a scorched earth plan, burning and pillaging her way to the nomination by tarnishing Obama in any way possible while at the same time using every dirty trick imaginable to threaten and cajole the super delegates her way? Based upon today’s events, it would appear to be the latter.

Look at the evidence. Today Drudge leads with the story of how the Clinton camp has been spreading around a photo or Obama dressed as a Somali elder. This is an obvious attempt to reinforce the false rumor that Obama is really Muslim. This is shameless, below the belt, and ruthless. In other words, exactly what one might expect from a Clinton with their back to the wall. An editorial in the New York Times provides more evidence of how far the Clintons are willing to go in this fight.

Clinton apologist Geraldine Ferraro has fired the opening salvo in what is sure to be a barrage of opinion rationalizing, justifying, and even extolling the use of super delegates to over-turn the will of the democrat faithful.

These super delegates, we reasoned, are the party’s leaders. They are the ones who can bring together the most liberal members of our party with the most conservative and reach accommodation. They would help write the platform. They would determine if a delegate should be seated. They would help determine the rules. And having done so, they would have no excuse to walk away from the party or its presidential nominee.

But that is not all. Ferraro also launches another attack we are sure to see more of. Astoundingly, Ferraro tells democrats that worry that super delegates may be disenfranchising the faithful, that they should reinstate the delegates from Florida and Michigan. Delegates that all candidates, including Clinton, pledged to shun.

But if they are actually upset over the diminished clout of rank-and-file Democrats in the presidential nominating process, then I would love to see them agitating to force the party to seat the delegates elected by the voters in Florida and Michigan.

Shameless. This should leave no doubt about the lengths that the Clinton machine will go to in order to secure the nomination. The Clintons and their minions will scorch a path to the Denver convention that will make Sherman’s march to Atlanta look like a kid playing with matches.

Several weeks ago, we posted a video that we created for GoAmericaGo. This is a mock Clinton ad attacking Obama through innuendo. Take another look. It doesn’t seem as far fetched anymore.