My children had off from school Thursday and Friday. So I took them to see “Horton Hears a Who” yesterday which they all loved. And I liked it as well though I couldn’t help but make the analogy to the abortion issue. Then we went to the park and had a great time there. As the children were going to sleep they were excitedly asking what we had planned for the next day.

This morning, I opened the refrigerator and saw we were out of eggs, pancake mix and even waffles (even though we buy them by the gross, I think). So being a lazy bones and wanting to give the kids a thrill I announced we were going to McDonalds for breakfast. (Don’t you dare judge me.) I told everyone to get in the van which they all did in about four seconds.

While we were eating at McDonalds my eight year old suddenly looked up and began pointing out how inappropriately dressed they all were. We had one with red shorts and a pink top which is a big no-no she said because they don’t just not match, they clash. We had all sorts of colors and headbands and ponytails tilted to the side of their head kinda like was in fashion in the 1980’s. My three year old son had matching shoes but they were on the wrong feet.

My eight year old looks at me and says, “These outfits scream ‘our Dad takes care of us.” I had to agree. When we got home everyone got baths and now we’re going to the library.

This story is only coming to you because my wife hardly ever reads the blog and I’m confident none of you will ever meet her.