In this corner you have old habit-less nuns in pants suits who more or less act like social workers who don’t date. And then you have an order of nuns, many of whom are in the 20’s, in full habit and consecrated to God. Guess which one’s doing better.

Interesting story about two orders of nuns who couldn’t be more different from Catholic Pillow Fight.

This seems like a classic case of “lookin’ for luv in all the wrong places”. I’m not a sister. I’m not even a woman, but I would think that if I were consecrated as a bride of Christ, my first and foremost responsibility would be nurturing the relationship with my husband. This would mean talking to Him a lot, and receiving Him often physically into my body. The rest of the volunteer work would spring from those conversations.

The Sisters of Mercy seem to be spending so much time with the volunteer work, they rarely see their husband (at least from the text of the mission statement).

On the other hand the Dominican Sisters of Mary appear to have it ordered correctly. The results are easy to see.

Check out Catholic Pillow Fight. He’s got pictures, analysis and everything.