10 Year Olds Knew it in 1948
—Catholic Comics Got it Right, Why Can’t Theologians

Bigfoot, Jesus, and the Bermuda Triangle
—Everything Old is New Again

Progressive Cognitive Dissonance
—Fr. McBrien expresses his shock that the sheep did not turn out to be lemmings.

Cardinal Mahony Sells Naming Rights for Cathedral
—Humor! This is Not Real!

Doctors Deciding Who Dies
—Are You On the List?

Church Guilty of “Gender Apartheid”
—Yes, this WomynPriest is called the Rosa Parks of the Church

The Case For Chaos
—When it comes to communion, I take ugly and anonymous over the orderly.

Christian Minister: We Don’t Need Jesus
—Jesus was a “Middle Eastern peasant with a few charismatic gifts and a great posthumous marketing team.”

Fr. McCartney on the Giuliani Debacle
—Imagine you go to the doctor for your annual check-up, but the doctor hides the truth because it might upset you.

Karen’s Mad Parenting Skills at Best Buy
—I wouldn’t want to be Bob

“Our Dad Takes Care Of Us”
—Eight Year Old Points out My Fashion Faux Pas