Friday Afternoon Spit-Take
—LarryD is bringing the funny.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Lowest Common Denominator
—Bishop Trautman still thinks you are stupid.

Media Doesn’t Understand Religion
—Whose Church? Whose State?

If You’re Reading This You’re Probably Dead
—Prophet Predicts Doomsday is Nigh

God’s Squishable Creatures
—A Tale of Adventure, Suspense, Comedy and Ickyness

Greetings From Soviet Canuckistan
—Canadian Human Rights Commission is watching. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Fr. Andrew Greeley Says You’re Racist
—Come on, just admit it.

Darwin’s Prescient Friend and Mentor
—How To Brutalize the Human Race in One Easy Step.

Who Wrote This Letter?
—Amazing pro-life letter penned by none other than…

Obama: The Next Step In Evolution?
—I guarantee that this is the craziest thing you will read all week. Maybe a month. Or a …

Vatican Official: More Modernist Art Needed in Churches
—It’s all about Jesus…I mean the architect.