Listening to Dennis Prager a few days ago I heard former Georgetown professor Doug Feith, who is none too pleased that his contract wasn’t renewed.

Feith, the former United States Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and one of the architects of the Iraq War, was no stranger to opposition from Georgetown.

The official announcement of his hiring two years ago immediately brought condemnation from faculty members both within and outside of the department. A letter objecting to Feith’s appointment had been signed by dozens of professors.

It read in part: “Mr. Feith has been accused of ethical conflicts during his term in charge of Iraq reconstruction. More seriously, he has sought to diminish the importance of the Geneva Conventions and has defended the use of torture in a number of public writings and talks. He speaks regularly against the relevance of international law to conflicts in the Middle East and opposes diplomatic solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Perhaps most seriously, he was a central figure in the dissemination of false justifications for the illegal invasion of Iraq, behavior that many experts consider to constitute war crimes, and which the most sympathetic would have to think a highly dubious grounds for further employment.”

So, essentially he was in the Bush White House so they hate him and accuse him of war crimes. Standard operating procedure. The Hague would be a very busy place if the faculty of Georgetown were in charge.

Asked about Feith’s status, Robert Gallucci, dean of Georgetown’s foreign service school, told the Washington Post that the decision not to renew his contract should not be seen as “a judgment on his performance,” noting that Feith’s students’ “course evaluations were really good.”

Feith was Undersecretary of Defense. He’s a bestselling author about the War. And he’s a good teacher. Well, obviously he had to go.

But isn’t this the same faculty that preaches “academic freedom” and “diversity of thought” when it comes to having pro-abortion speakers and faculty. I think “diversity” to these folks just means having African-American liberals, Hispanic liberals, Native American liberals…