There has been quite a stir these past days due to speculation that a substantial amount of traditional Anglican clergy may seek some form of corporate union with Rome. And anytime I hear a stir or the rabble being roused my capitalistic instincts take off. So I’m going to talk to my wife tonight about taking out the children’s beds (they can sleep on the floor) and building a modern hi-tech t-shirt factory in my house. Yeah, it’s loud and the grease spills might come through into the kitchen but hey to make a shirt this cool I think it’s worth it. Will have to wait and see what the wife thinks.

It actually is available here.

This is the shirt to wear with pride whether you swam the Tiber recently or have been enjoying the beach since birth. The shirt is available as a super comfortable 100% cotton pigment dyed tee in navy, plum, and black. Swim against the tide!

Multiple Hat Tip to Saint Mary Magdalen and Standing on my Head.