Presbyterians have taken out their granite-colored whiteout and annulled the 6th Commandment right out of existence.

For those playing at home that’s the “Do Not Commit Adultery” Commandment…I mean suggestion.

You remember the Ten Commandments, right? They were written by God and given to Moses on “Mount Sinai.” But I guess God made a boo-boo on that one that after all these long years the Presbyterians have seen the error of God’s ways and remedied it.

I’m still unsure if they’re going to start calling them “The Nine Commandments” now. There goes that (now seriously outdated) Charlton Heston movie from movie night at the Presbyterian Church.

I thought when the Protestants demoted the Sixth Commandment to the seven spot, that was a big deal but this is much bigger. Helloooo? What part of ‘written in stone’ do they not understand? Or perhaps more to the point What part of God do they not understand?

The reason for this stunning action is essentially to erase any and all proscriptions against sexual behavior outside of marriage. They are even now calling for a vote to delete the church’s constitutional standard requiring fidelity in marriage and chastity in singleness.

To make a concise point, the Presbyterians obviously believe perhaps God didn’t know how good sex would feel before he implemented all those rules about it.

The assembly also initiated a process that could remove mention of the Bible’s prohibition against homosexuality in their catechism.

According to the Catholic News Agency, the moves are seen by some as an attempt to clear a path for the eventual ordination of practicing homosexuals to the church offices of deacon, elder, or minister.

This is the part that killed me. Because of all this lunacy, the assembly authorized the creation of a $2 million legal fund to litigate against churches which seek to transfer to other Reformed denominations while retaining their property. Perhaps they could add a Commandment: “Thou Shall Not Ever Leave the Presbyterian Church With Your Money!” I guess it’s easy to tell what golden calf they’re now worshipping.

Funny, when God inscribed the original Ten Commandments he didn’t need a legal fund or a team of lawyers. That should probably tell them something.

H/T Catholic Pillow Fight