New Planned Parenthood Ads Are Sad
—Not so much sad in the boo-hoo way but kinda’ creepy sad, if you know what I mean.

Saints in Beijing
—The Vatican fields a team of Saints, Old Testament prophets, and Apostles to bring home the Gold.

CDW: Leave God’s Name Out Of It
—YAHWEH not to be used in the liturgy.

Thinking Theologically About Liturgical Architecture
—When it comes to liturgical architecture, style is secondary.

An Open Letter to ABC News
—The media refers to Dems as “pro-life” and Republicans as “anti-abortion.”

The La Crosse Gudalupe Shrine and What it Means
—A direct attack on the tyranny of the Zeitgeist theory of cultural evolution.

Cal. Court: Homeschooling is Constitutional
—Congratulations! You have the right to raise your own children…for now.

Priest: Olympics are a Human Rights Disaster
—Enjoy the games, pray for the people.

Guess Who’s Playing Mother Teresa?
—One hint – she won sexiest woman of the year by FHM Magazine.

“Open to Life” And Other Simple Phrases
—It is always best to first define your terms.

Belly Grafitti for the Pro-Choicers
—Caption contest for the total idiot.

Profile In Christian Courage -Irena Sendler
—Catholic woman saved 2600 children from death during WWII.

11 Candles Never Lit
—For everything you were, everything you could have been, everything you are. Stay with me. Always stay. Be mine anyway; let me love you forever.