Today, the Washington Post has a front page story on Cindy McCain’s past drug addiction. McCain has talked extensively about her addiction to Vicodin and Percocet in early 1989 after rupturing two disks and having back surgery.

What possible interest is this to people in selecting a President?

McCain has spoken publicly about it but the Washington Post digs up the people who were hurt by McCain through her addiction. I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem salient or fair.

We’ve had personal attack after personal attack from the media. And I’m not talking just left-wing bloggers. This is the Washington Post.

The New York Times, just last week, had three…count ’em…three front page stories on 17 year old Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.

Honestly, as a former member of the media who was there when newsrooms applauded on election night when results came in showing a Democratic win. I’ve run campaigns where I was astounded by the bad faith of the media.

The twisting of words in making it appear the Palin said the War in Iraq was God’s will rather than her praying that it was God’s will. Two very different things. And they know that.

But does this year feel like the worst to anybody but me?