Google & Gay Marriage
—Google exec comes out against Prop. 8. Who cares?

Catholic, Anti-abortion, and Supporting Obama?
—A canon lawyer joins the Kmiec crusade and surrenders in the battle against abortion.

Cloning Archbishop Burke
—CMR demands that the Church change its stance on cloning so we can clone Abp. Burke. A lot!

A Pox On Both Their Houses
—A bad case of Bailout Derangement Syndrome.

Eduardo Verastegui For President
—The star of “Bella” speaks the truth about abortion and Obama. Muy powerful.

In Pain? Prayer Might Work Better Than Aspirin
—Study says religious people cope with pain better. So remind me, what does atheism have going for it?

Catholic Triumphalism From Protestants?
—What do fundamentalists and ancient Catholic prophets have in common?

Creative Minority Reader

Soto Voce
—Bishop gives keynote to Gay Conference and surprises everyone by preaching the truth!

Everybody Should See This
—Don’t ever let the Democrats blame anyone else for this debacle.

The Moment I’ll Remember: “I Have a Bracelet Too.”
—An icky moment from the Obamessiah.

Catholics Have Right To Ancient Rites
—Priests and Bishops have obligation to provide it.

V for Vendetta
—A tale of parental horror and priestly anger management.