OK. I’ll admit it. Call me an ignoramus but I didn’t even know that Spain had a Queen. I mean, I know that they did at one time because she sent Columbus to America and all that but I didn’t know she was still alive.

But on top of that I was even more shocked to find out that I like the Queen of Spain. Look, this is a big admission for me. I’ve got an anti-authoritarian streak a mile wide but I’m now officially hoping the Queen takes over Spain. Here’s why from a Reuters report:

The Queen of Spain drew criticism Friday after she was quoted as condemning gay marriage, gay pride marches and abortion in an upcoming biography.

“If these people want to live together, dress as grooms and get married, they might have the right to do so or not, depending on the laws of their countries. But they shouldn’t call it marriage, because it isn’t,” Queen Sofia was quoted as saying.

Of course, all the elected officials are all condemning my favorite queen now.

So, if Obama wins here in America, maybe I’ll head off to Spain and attempt a coup along with my new favorite Queen. Hey, look, Europe can’t get much worse, can it?