I Found the Straight Talk Express
—Leave it where it is.

The Savaging of Sarah Wasn’t Worth It
—Hey, it wasn’t personal for Noonan and Buckley. It was just business.

The Most Offensive Mag Cover…Ever
—Depicts Obama as vampire and Palin with stake through her heart. Nice.

History, Hyperbole, and Horror
—When hyperbole simply falls short.

Fr. Reese Confuses Honesty and Betrayal
—Fr. Reese draws yet another line in the sand and says Obama better not cross this one…or else.

Stupidest (Funniest) Idea Of The Day!
—Future of conservatism in the hands of … Who?!?

Gimme That Old School Religion
—It’s Bells of St. Mary meets Goodfellas.

Creative Minority Reader

Reactions, Yours And Mine
—Readers and commenters react. My thoughts.

Hey, They Didn’t Twist the Knife!
—Traditional marriage upheld. So far.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done
—We made our choice, may the Lord have mercy.

Pray For Their Health and Long Long Life
—Let’s pray that all the justices on the Supreme Court stay healthy for four years.