Chuck E. Church is coming to bounce all your cares away. UPI is reporting:

Catholic leaders in Germany said they are planning to tour remote parts of the country to hold services in an inflatable church.

Peter Huyeng, head of the Essen Catholic youth organization, said the bouncy church, which was supplied by British company Xtreme Inflatables for about $50,000, seats 60 people and comes complete with a confession box, The Sun reported Thursday.
“We want to take the church where there aren’t any churches, such as in pedestrian zones and school yards in towns,” Huyeng said. “We have to come to the people and not wait for them to come to us.”

Well, I’m glad to hear there’s confessions being heard in the bouncy church. Maybe the first thing you should say is, “Forgive me Father for I have sinned, I went to Mass at Chuck E. Church.”

Just a few quick questions:

I’m wondering if the floor is filled with colorful balls or if the priest dresses up as a large rodent or perhaps a marsupial.

Do you have to crawl through the plastic tunnels to receive communion?

How many tickets do you win if you throw the ball into the baptismal font on the first try?

And how many tickets does it take for the subscription to the National Catholic Reporter?

You know what? I’m asking anyone who happens to be in Germany please attend services there. Oh yeah, please bring a pin.