Great Book: Cormac’s McCarthy’s The Road
—If you read one book in the near future, consider Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

A Living Prayer
—A profound prayer on late night television.

Part 2: Architectural Theology at the New Saint Michael Church
—Part 2 in a series on Architectural Theology.

This Guy For President!
—Chicken Soup for the conservative soul.

NYT: Bishops Are The Big Losers
—Peter Steinfels: If at first you don’t succeed, go liberal.

Keepin’ It Classy
—In his first press conference, our future President mocks Nancy Reagan.

Compulsory Obama Youth – Not Kidding
—Yeah, those fascist analogies are way off…

Creative Minority Reader

A Series on Architectural Theology at CMR
—Thought we were all braindead here? DMac starts a great series on architectural renewal.

Part 1 | Part 2

Chase Your Dream
—From the pitch to priesthood. The Chase Hilgenbrinck story.