Cheney Defends Waterboarding
—For the record. They are wrong.

Two Heroes of the Pro-Life Movement
—Another succesful undercover video investigation into Planned Parenthood.

Mundelein Psalter Goes Into Third Printing
—The Mundelein Psalter , a fruit of VII, brings the Office to the laity.

Miracle of Life Or Population Bomb?
—This cartoon will horrify you.

War and Rumors of Wars: 2009 Predictions
—What countries will riot. What sequels will stink.

A Milestone in Catholic Comedy!
—PresbteRacers! This is the oddest and funniest thing you’ll see today.

Help Needed: Leo Cartwright
—CMR’s version of a face on a milk carton.

Creative Minority Reader

Keep Your Theology Off My Technology
—Every time the Church attacks scientists, it’s like Galileo is beheaded all over again.

1/4 Catholics Believe in Reincarnation
—A new poll shows Catholicism doesn’t mean what many Catholics think it means.

Yes Virginia, Fr. Made Me Mad Because…
—Visiting Priest debunks Santa during mass!