Leg Tingle Epidemic Stresses E.R.’s
—Thousands report disturbing symptoms -journalists hardest hit.

Who Am I? Who Cares….
—The best laid plans of ex Vice Presidents and men often go awry.

Oy Vey! Shut Up Already!
—The non story that won’t go away.

He Did It Already!
—Obama performs wonders on his first day!

CMR’s Secret Anti-Abortion Plot
—Our ingenious plot must be kept quiet. Read this and then throw out your computer.

New Movie About Abortion
—Seems pretty powerful and disturbing. I warn you.

Dalai Lama: I ♥ Bush
—The Dalai Lama would make liberals scream if they actually listened to him.

Creative Minority Reader

Dublin Over
—Archbishop of Dublin unhappy that people noticed his non Catholic answer.

Sometimes Smut is Just Smut
—There is no grand societal context for a guy who’s willing to risk his own soul for fame.

Autistic Children Wreck Your Life
—A sneak peak into the minds of the twisted majority.