Ok. These two stories happen in the same week? You don’t need to be Columbo to figure out a connection. Reuters says:

Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery.

Vigilantes took the black and white beast to the police saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into a goat to escape arrest after trying to steal a Mazda 323.

Yeah. Ok. Simple enough but the story doesn’t end there. According to Reuters:

An exotic goat in Canada’s Calgary Zoo accidentally hanged itself after it became entangled in a rope and then fell off a log, CTV television reported on Sunday.

Home video of the accident on Friday showed the Turkmenian markhor hanging lifeless from the rope in its enclosure.

Accidentally, eh? Accident, my hoof! I think he was in on the “Great Goat Mazda Heist” and maybe he knew too much, see.