A Tale of Two Chapels
—Modernism meets Tradition.

Blood In The Water Part II – Mosquitoes
—Austrian revolt, Brits insult.

Speaker Pelosi’s Vatican Visit Suprise
—A CMR Catholic-Political Cartoon.

This Must Not Stand.
—Austrian Bishops are in open revolt. This must not stand.

These Environmentalists Are Killing Us
—So we clean up the waters and what do we get for it? Sharks! Thanks. Thanks a lot.

New Photos from Thomas Aquinas Chapel
—Great photos of a wonderful achievement.

Finally! The Right Reaction to Massive Space Fireballs
—Video probably shows the beginning of the end of the world. Probably.

Blood In The Water
—The Pope has suffered a defeat. Now may be a pivotal moment for the future of the Church.

Creative Minority Reader

Time Mag Still Believes God Is Dead?
—God in a pill. All the benefits of faith but no boring Sunday services.

Ave Maria University Chapel to Get Monumental Sculpture
—Using the church as a sort of giant screen for a marble drive-in movie isn’t really the best approach.

Please, Please Get Another Architect!
—The people of the west coast deserve better than this.

Oh No! Today Was Picture Day
—A mishap, a spectacle, and a cautionary tale all in one.