According to the Washington Post, President Obama is about to announce his decision to lift restrictions on federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research.

So I’m just trying to pin down the logic here.

Even though research has shown that adult stem cells can be transformed into essentially the same thing as embryonic stem cells we’re still going to destroy embryos in order to get their stem cells.

Adult stem cells can be obtained from umbilical cords, from placenta, and from amniotic fluid. And adult stem cells also have a proven track-record of actually helping people.

And we know that embryonic stem cells thus far have proven to be not beneficial whatsoever.

But counter intuitively, it’s exactly the lack of success of embryonic stem cells that inspires Obama to pour more money into it.

Now, on the other hand, if there had been some successes with embryonic stem cells that too would be another reason to pour more money into it.

So since the success of ESC research has obviously no bearing on whether or not to fund it, the reason for it must be elsewhere. See, Obama knows ESC is a loser political issue for Republicans and Obama knows it. Polls indicate that the public supports stem cell research. Whether that’s because the people don’t understand the difference between ESC and adult stem cells is beside the point politically.

Democrats want to be on the side of helping sick people and say Republicans are against it because they’re anti-science.

Whether or not it does one person the least amount of good, it’s worth it for Obama to spend taxpayer money on it because it buys him an issue to use as a cudgel against conservatives.

It’s all politics. And sometimes politics has a body count.