There’s no one out there in the Catholic blogosphere that has an opinion on abortion and the ability of doctors to legally just say no, is there?

What? There is? OK.

We all know that the Obama administration is seeking to rescind conscience protection laws and as a result doctors, nurses and other medical personnel can be put under pressure to perform or refer for abortions or else they’ll have to find another line of work.

So if you want to help protect conscience rights since this is (or used to be) America and all, please take part in using your keyboard for something other than calling my brother Patrick awful names in the combox.

The public has been given 30 days to express their urgent support for the regulation. The comment period ends next week on Thursday, April 9. HHS is required to read and count every message they receive.

Please make your voice heard on this important issue. Click here to go to the USCCB website and make your voice heard.

If you want put what you wrote on the USCCB website here as well, please feel free.