The Taliban ridiculously took credit for the shooting in upstate New York.

The Taliban also recently took credit for:

Levi Johnston’s recent interview on Tyra.
The Sham-Wow guy beating up a prostitute.
Villanova making it to the Final Four.
Larry King’s interminable life span. (Hey, if they can keep Bin Laden on dialysis in a cave they can do anything)
The second season of Caroline in the City
All the seasons of Dawson’s Creek except that very special episode where Pacey didn’t behead his gay friend.
The second shooter in the grassy knoll when Dick Cheney shot his hunting friend.
That Malawi Court that rejected Madonna’s adoption request
That court that approved all her other adoption requests
The news Osbourne’s Variety Hour (they had great hopes that Nick and Jessica’s Variety Hour would be made a regular series but were devastated to hear of their break-up. They immediately sided with Nick.)
Notre Dame inviting Obama but not Saint Joseph’s inviting Chris Matthews. (Like most Americans, they too hate Matthews)
My second grade birthday party because we ran out of M&M’s early and Bobby Anderson cheated on Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and won. (I know he was cheating because I was cheating and he still beat me)
Pluto’s demotion to a space rock.