According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Gay-dar is now officially a word. It’s the ability of gay people to spot each other.

And now Christopher Hitchens said that as an atheist he can tell that Obama’s an atheist too. The Star reports:

“I suspect he is one of us,” he says of churchgoing U.S. President Barack Obama. “Us” being the forces of atheism.

So why does every group I don’t belong to have some kind of radar to spot like minded people but Christians have difficulty locating other Christians.

I want Pray-dar. I want the ability to spot fellow Christians.

You can’t base it on whether someone’s wearing a cross. That means nothing nowadays. Everyone says “Bless you” when you sneeze.

So, I’m asking you, dear readers, for some “tells” to base my Pray-dar on? Here’s a few that jump to mind:

A) The ol’ fish on back of car. Dead giveaway.
B) More than three car seats in the vehicle. (Except if you’re Madonna who’s adopted like thirteen kids.)]
C) Likes Carrie Prejean and didn’t go hunting around the internet for her racy photos.
D) They don’t work for Notre Dame (What? Just a little joke.)
E) They’re mysteriously not at home on Sunday mornings.
F) Their favorite Bible verse is not “Judge not lest ye be judged.”
G) They own the Narnia movies and Veggie-tales.
H) They’re the people at the party defending Sarah Palin.

Any others?