Last night as we finished eating dinner, my wife asked the children if they wanted ice cream or a piece of cake for dessert. Well, the four year old boy absolutely flips out. He’s looking around the table for confirmation of what he’d just heard. He was so excited he was doing a little “piece of cake” dance in his seat.

Now, my boy is an ice cream guy like me. We’re simple guys. Ice cream. Pizza. Hot dogs. Typical stuff. But he was so excited about this offer that when I asked him to make sure that he didn’t want ice cream he said, “No way. Piece of cake. I’ve never had piece of cake before. I wanna’ see piece of cake.”

OK. I didn’t understand why he was talking like a caveman but he was very excited.

Well my wife brings out his piece of cake. Well, this kid’s face went from more excited than Ralphie on Christmas morning to looking like Cindy Lou Who on Christmas morning.

“Where’s the pizza part?” he asked.


“This is just regular old cake,” he said. “Where’s the pizza cake?”

After we were done laughing, I gave the boy my ice cream and I was stuck with a crummy old piece of cake and dreaming that maybe someday someone might invent something as cool as pizza cake.