Newsflash: Pro-lifers have not just gone away due to the recent murder of an abortionist!

I think that because of the recent murder of abortionist George Tiller by a lunatic, some expected that pro-lifers would just give up and become pro-choice or at least shut up about abortion, but many pro-lifers are still inexplicably pro-life.

NPR reports in a shock headline:

Anti-Abortion Rhetoric Still Strong.

Wow! What a shock. You mean pro-lifers haven’t just called it a day and gone home? reports that Barbara Zdravecky, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southwest Florida, said “The terrorists are still there.”

Check this out from The New Haven Independent which could hardly contain its surprise. Mind you, this is a “news” story:

Anti-abortion protesters returned to a local clinic to protest a “killer” — not the pro-lifer who gunned down a doctor, but birth control pills.

Sunday’s murder in Wichita of abortion provider George Tiller didn’t hamper the plans of protesters who converge three times a week outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on Whitney Avenue and Edwards Street. Wednesday was their first regularly scheduled picket since the murder. A small contingent showed up complete with dead fetuses and a “Pill Kills” sign.

Yes. As much as a nutjob isn’t going to prevent abortionists from showing up to work, it’s not going to stop pro-lifers from telling people that abortion ends a human life. We’re pro-life and we’re not going away. As much as you’d like us to.