For those of us who believe that God should be involved in 100 % of our life, there’s no reason that His word should take up so much space, right?

We’re now downsizing God. But in a good way.

Word of God to go is putting the Bible on a flash drive.

They say:

What essentials do you grab before you leave the house each day?

Do I have my Keys? Wallet? Phone? Bible?

Most folks these days would not include their bible on their daily “must have” list.

What if your bible was on your keyring or in your smartphone? You could bring the bible with you if it was REALLY small and light, right?

God On-The-Go Is 6 Devices….All in One!

1. Your Typical USB Flash-drive – 90% of the capacity of your device is free space and available for you to use however you like!

2. Your Bible – This device holds every Book, Chapter, Verse and Footnote you would find in the Print Version!

3. Your Daily Reading Bible – This device can take you to the daily reading as determined by the USCCB.

4. Your Faith Topic Study Aide – This device indexes the Bible based on a wide array of topics important to the faith study and reference for anyone. It’s your digital spiritual advisor.

5. Your Personlized Bible Flags and Tags – This device allows you to fold the corners on your favorite pages of the bible and come back to those favorites anytime you like!

6. Your 5 Gram Source for Spiritual Strength – Carry this with you anywhere and insert it into any computer USB slot.

According to theCatholic Spirit, the inventor Mark Mastroianni, a member of St. Edna Parish in Arlington Heights, Ill., said that the idea for “God on the Go” came to him in prayer when he was asking God how he could bring together his Catholic faith and his background in technology and product development.

“Why not combine the Bible with commonly used and readily accessible technological platforms?” he recalled thinking. After months of research and talks with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which holds the U.S. copyright on the New American Bible, “God on the Go” was born.

No word yet on whether you can just download the parts of the Bible you like for Nancy Pelosi type Catholic that don’t necessarily like everything Jesus said.