Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie’s position on abortion is…murky(?) to say the least. He ran as a pro-lifer in the primary against opponent Steve Lonegan. But truthfully, Christie’s been all over the map on this issue.

Christie was pro-choice. But recently he says he’s been pro-life since he first heard his daughter’s heartbeat. Problem is his daughter was born in 1995 and in 1996 he’s quoted by the Bergen Press calling himself pro-choice concerning a question not just about abortion but partial birth abortion.

Christie said he may have been misquoted.

Many people, including Christie’s GOP opponent Steve Lonegan, warned that soon after the primary Christie would tack leftward and become pro-choice once again. Well it’s not there yet but this is certainly a troubling sign. Just two weeks after his primary win, reports:

The “Shared Values” section on GOP candidate Chris Christie’s campaign Web site has been removed.

The section contained anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage declarations from Christie, the Republican nominee for governor.

In the section, Christie explained that the sound of his unborn daughter’s heartbeat 14 years ago made him an abortion foe.

Campaign spokesman Bill Stepien said Thursday the section was taken down for technical reasons.

He said the campaign is planning to relaunch the Web site in coming days and was taking down things added to the original site.

Oddly enough, Christie’s contribution page is working just perfectly. Weird, huh?

Who’d a thunk it? A Republican that chats up pro-lifers during the primary and then forgets them in the general election? We’ve never heard of that before.

Look, I don’t think Christie is such a big deal. The problem is that when guys like Christie succeed in the Republican Party it sends a message to the rest of the party that pro-lifers are rubes that can be fooled. And in politics, if something is successful everyone else is going to copy it until it doesn’t work anymore.