The AARP endorsing a plan that mandates “end of life counseling” for all seniors doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Won’t this hurt their own membership numbers?

Obama might as well be asking seniors to hitch a ride on Hale-Bopp.

I’m trying to think of equivalent situations and all I can come up with is tobacco companies that knew they were killing their own customers but at least they were milking them dry for profit on the way to the grave.

I’m used to the left being somewhat anti-human. I mean, let’s face it the only thing environmentalists like about humans is that we’re biodegradable upon death (except Pamela Anderson). But what is it with the left that insists upon killing its own members or just acting against their own long term best interests?

Liberals fought so hard for “reproductive choice” so that they could…what? Kill off little baby pro-choicers. And then they’re shocked…shocked I say when just one generation into the “freedom to choose” era, the country is filling with pro-life people. Duh. That’s because pro-lifers have mainly pro-life children and lots of them while the future pro-choice generation is tossed out in clear bio-hazard bags behind the abortion clinic.

The left, which includes a majority of Jewish folks and homosexuals, are constantly seeking to appease Muslims. Do they not realize that a pretty decent sized chunk of the Muslim population wouldn’t even say thanks before lobbing off their heads first?

But this AARP thing really kills me. They’ve essentially been a Democratic front group for years even thought the Democratic Party has clearly been labeled the “Legislation passed by this party might be dangerous to very small children and pregnant women” party.

So now that it’s apparent that all the social programs that previous generations voted for themselves and borrowed from children and grandchildren that they didn’t actually find time to have, has bankrupted the country. In short, because we wiped out much of the next generation there are less workers to support old people. Thus we get old people mandated to attend “end of life counseling” which essentially says ‘we can’t afford to keep you around so would you mind plugging yourself into ‘The Mercy Machine’ so we can go through your pockets for loose change to buy condoms for junior high schoolers?”

It’s all kind of funny in a sad way that senior citizens have raised hell every time some legislator raises the specter of having old people take driving tests. Seniors have shouted that suggestion down at every turn in a loud and unified voice. And they’ve won because they vote in large numbers and legislators are afraid of people who vote. But then we get virtual silence when legislators are mandating that seniors go see someone who’s going to tell them that killing yourself isn’t as bad as it used to be?

I say seniors should not allow themselves to be talked into killing themselves. They should die like so many other seniors do…by mistaking the gas for the brake, leveling a 7-11 and taking out the cashier and the dude at the Slurpee machine who’s always asking strangers for a few nickels so he can call his “lady friend” for a ride home.