According to Hollywood Today, a new show coming out in the Fall called “Defying Gravity” is about astronauts preparing for a lengthy mission. One interesting note:

Like The Office, Defying Gravity is filmed documentary-style. With personal cameras in their quarters the astronauts have no secrets from the cameras. That abortion is illegal in fifty years time is a key plot point of Defying Gravity. Before leaving Earth, each astronaut is fitted with a device to inhibit them from fooling around with other crew members. It apparently has the unforeseen side-effect of making them talk about sex incessantly on camera.

Wow! A show where young insanely hot people talk incessantly about sex? Hmmm. Never been tried before. A totally novel concept. Why hadn’t anyone thought of having a bunch of actress/models talk dirty for ratings?

Well, as far as the abortion thing goes let’s hope that in this one instance Hollywood is right.

But as the show is being made by the producers of Grey’s Anatomy which is essentially about young hot people talking incessantly about sex, something tells me we’re going to have some kind of horror stories about abortion that’s supposed to serve as a cautionary tale.

So just get ready for that because I’m sure all the entertainment shows will be screaming how “cutting edge” and “important” it is because someone will likely get a back alley abortion in space (are there back alleys in space?) and get seriously mangled or something. But we’ll see. Just a heads up for ya’.

Is it just me or anytime a reviewer calls a show or a movie “important” doesn’t it make you want to head for the hills?