You know the show Family Guy. It’s essentially a funny/distasteful half hour animated sitcom made to make you cringe and laugh. I’ve never seen a whole episode. But, recently Fox refused to air an abortion themed episode of the animated series and that, of course, has given the show sudden attention from the media.

Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane was incensed enough by the censorship that he held a stage reading of the script, ironically at the Ricardo Montalban Theater. (Montalban was a pro-life Catholic.)

Here’s essentially what takes place in the episode, according to the Washington Post:

Peter asking a couple unable to conceive, “Which one of you has something horribly wrong with you?”; an antiabortion advertisement implying that if abortion didn’t exist, the Three Stooges might have found a fourth; and some Hitler and Osama bin Laden attention-getters.

The episode, in which Griffin matriarch Lois becomes a surrogate mom for a college friend and her husband, really focuses on the “will she/won’t she” abortion question only in the third act, after the couple dies in a car accident. What follows is a trip to a family-planning center, where Peter, initially encouraging his wife to end the pregnancy (and thus avoid her crazy-while-pregnant phase), is stopped by a group of antiabortion activists who try to change his mind with a video featuring Ziggy the Zygote, who just wants a hug.

A rousing family debate takes place, including baby Stewie and dog Brian. Lois makes an impassioned speech about the importance of bringing children into the world no matter the circumstances, and Peter abruptly cuts her off with, “We had the abortion.” Cue credits.

The whole thing seems like a p.r. attempt to me as they’ll likely include the episode in the season’s DVD set giving people a reason to go out and buy it.

But here’s the thing. I wish Fox would’ve shown it. I want them to show it. Why not? Make a movie about it. And then come out with a Blu-Ray DVD with extras. Make a spin-off sitcom about three wacky nurses who work at an abortion clinic.

I think for too long we’ve been told that abortion is too incendiary to discuss. It’s too hot a topic. Can you think of any other issue where Hollywood says this is “too hot a topic” to exploit for profit? The reason for the silence is not capitalistic. It’s ideology.

Big Abortion alone is allowed to stay behind the curtain away from public scrutiny.

I say we should talk about abortion. Heck, show one on television. You want America to become a pro-life nation overnight, show a live late term abortion. Don’t do it when kids are watching and put warnings up beforehand. But do it.

Right now, pro-lifers can hardly even get an ad on television showing cute babies. The logic of the left is priceless. Follow if you will: the fetus is a meaningless blob of tissue that we think it’s OK to rip apart and kill thousands of them per day. But if you show a picture of what we actually kill you’re some kind of sicko who should be on Homeland Security’s watch list.

Why can’t we show aborted fetuses on television? If it’s just a meaningless blob of tissue, what’s the problem with showing it? It’s because they’re afraid that the American people will see a baby and not the blob of tissue they’ve been told about.

Pro-abortion types want to keep the womb off limits from technology and abortion off the public’s radar. That’s why the ordinary ministers of the media don’t cover pro-life marches. Why would they? Big Abortion is a multi-million dollar industry that heavily supports their chosen political party.

One of the liberal mantras is always ‘we need to bring sunlight” to every issue. They “spotlight” racism. They “highlight” the extreme protesters at townhalls. But no light is ever allowed to shine on the abortion industry. It is allowed to operate in the dark unseen, unnoticed and unchecked. They like it that way. They need it that way.