The joint venture of Newsweek and Washington Post On Faith blog has been a source of near constant enjoyment to me since its inception.

My delight with them stems mostly from a masochistic delight in illogic. Writer Susan Jacoby does not disappoint me with her latest rant. Jacoby, one of On Faith’s in house atheists, wishes in today’s edition that all ObamaCare protesters, whom she calls “wretched specimens of humanity,” would be made by a mythical God to suffer a painful sickness to make them “feel like they were dying.”

So sweet. But remember conservatives are the mean cruel nasty un-American types.

Jacoby starts out invoking Jesus even though she’s an atheist. She clearly has the understanding of religion of an atheist. She starts out by saying:

“it does seem reasonable that the Jesus of the gospels would not have bothered to heal the sick unless he believed that health care was a right.”

Brilliant, huh? OK. According to that logic, then booze should be a right too since Jesus turned water into wine.

Are there any editors over there at On Faith? Heck forget editors, are there any grownups over there? But it only gets worse from there.

Jacoby then goes to call anyone who opposes ObamaCare “anti-health care reform crazies” who are not only “morally wrong” but “antirational” and “immoral.”

She goes on to wish there was a God if only to bring down a plague of sorts on conservatives:

One reason I don’t believe in God is that if he existed, I just feel certain that he would inflict some really, really uncomfortable (not fatal–I’ve never liked the Passover tale of the plagues or the slaying of the Egyptian first-born) ailment on the screamers at town hall meetings. Something like poison ivy. No, not bad enough. Poison ivy plus a flu severe enough to make them seek medical attention. And then they’d have to wait, say, five or six hours to see their doctor, since physicians pack in too many patients because insurance companies reimburse them for high-tech procedures, not talking with patients and treating ordinary miseries of the flesh. Yes, if there were a deity, he’d definitely spread around some nasty bacteria at the town halls. And he’d spare the too-polite proponents of reform. This fantasy god wouldn’t kill anyone but would just make a few wretched specimens of humanity feel like they were dying. Just for a while.

Funny thing is that I’d bet Jacoby is firmly against waterboarding and torturing Al Qaeda terrorists but I guess she’s cool with torturing conservatives. Making someone feel like they’re dying sounds like torture, doesn’t it?

Are we sure Newsweek really wants to stand behind this imbecilic hate-filled rant? Or has quality so long since left these two bankrupt organizations that they don’t recognize drivel upon seeing it?