If I didn’t know better I’d think the television show Law & Order hates abortionists? In the past ten years Law & Order and its spinoffs have depicted the murder of more abortionists than have actually occured in real life.

The NY Times reports that the “ripped from the headlines” show is going to depict the murder of a late-term abortionist being gunned down. In church. You know, there’s a fine line between “ripped from the headlines” and lazy unimaginative writing.

But this is the third time the show has tackled the abortion issue. Wanna’ know how it was depicted in each of the three. Says the New York Times:

“Law & Order” has twice before addressed abortion, in 1991 with “Life Choice,” a first-season episode about the bombing of an abortion clinic, and in 1995, its fifth season, with “Progeny,” which also focused on the murder of a doctor who provided abortions.

And now they’re recreating Tiller’s murder.

Just so you know that there’s been one abortionist killed in the past ten years. One. Gee, don’t pro-choicers ever do anything bad? I seem to remember a pro-lifer who was killed pretty recently. But no “ripped from the headlines” story about that, huh? And every week some jerk does violence to their pregnant girlfriend in order to force them to get an abortion in real life. But to be fair those stories don’t even get the headlines to rip them from in the first place.

NBC has been pushing the episode to gin up publicity calling it “the most controversial episode of the series.” HA! Controversial to depict religious people as nuts? And abortionists as saints? That’s practically the viewpoint of every show on NBC – which might explain why the network ranks dead last among the four major networks.